One Hour Payday Loans

Sometimes you need money to pay the bills or cover unplanned expenses,
but it’s not that simple.

This is where 1-hour payday loans can make a difference!

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1 Hour Payday Loans

A payday loan is an emergency, short term loan intended for small amounts of money from $50 to $1,000, whose repayment is typically due on the next payday.

Anyone can consider getting fast cash in 1 hour if they run into a situation where they need money quickly. Facing job-related challenges or experiencing a sudden medical problem that prevents you from working; your employer giving you fewer hours or asking you to take a pay cut; the need to replace your car battery or buy a new set of tires; unplanned home repairs or other issues that can take anyone by surprise are a good reason to apply for an instant payday loan.

1 hour loans can be a quick solution when unexpected expenses keep piling up. They can help you until you’ve had some time to adjust and get back on your feet. You should avoid using payday loans for some expenses that can be delayed until your next payday, as the involved interest rates and costs are high.

Benefits of One Hour Payday Loans

An online payday loan is an ideal option when you’re strapped for cash. Here are some of the most significant benefits you get with 1-hour payday loans.

Fast and easy online loan application process

Unlike a traditional loan, the application process for a 1 hour payday loan is straightforward and short. There is no need for filling out long, tedious forms and providing a lot of documents to prove that you’re able to pay back your debt. The entire application process takes less than five minutes.

Get your loan approved with bad credit

When you apply for a 1-hour payday loan, the direct lenders don’t perform a hard credit check. That means the major credit bureaus are not informed, so it doesn’t affect your credit score. You may get approved for a payday loan in an hour, even if you have bad credit history.

Protect your credit score with soft pull checks

Every time a lender or bank runs a traditional credit check on your credit with any of three major credit bureaus, your credit score is likely to go down for a few points. In terms of credit history, another advantage of fast payday loans is that your credit score will remain unaffected, as no hard credit checks will be performed by the online lenders we work with.

Get your money instantly

When you’re having an emergency, you can’t wait several days for your application to be processed. With 1-hour loans online, you get a decision in a matter of minutes, and since almost everyone is qualified, the money may be transferred to your account as early as the same day or on the next business day.

Quick loan repayment

Traditional installment loans usually have long repayment timeframes, which could last up to two years. It can be hard to manage your finances during that time and strike a balance between loan repayments and other living expenses. On the contrary, with short term payday loans, you might be debt-free on your next paycheck: once you pay back your debt in up to 30 days.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

We make the application process for an online payday loan fast and easy, so you can get money when you need it. The great thing about these loans is that the name doesn’t lie; they can be secured in around an hour in many cases. Payday loans online are a great option for busy individuals who are not in an ideal financial situation at the moment.

Here’s how 1-hour loans work:

Fill out the online application, providing basic details.

You will be required to provide basic personal information, along with your income, bank account details and desired loan amount.

We connect you with online lenders, who can offer you a loan.

After submitting your loan application, the connected direct lender will provide you the payday loan terms and conditions. The process the lenders take to approve or reject a request for a payday loan is almost instant and should take less than an hour in any case.

Review the terms and accept the offer, or reject it.

You may accept or reject a loan offer at any time if the conditions are not favorable or the fees are too high. Before you receive the money, there is a signing procedure where the borrower signs a loan contract. The procedure is done online without the need for in-person visits.

Receive your funds on the next business day.

Once you signed the loan agreement, the payday lender will transfer the money to your checking account within one business day. That’s so simple and easy!

General Requirements of the 1 Hour Loans Online

One hour payday loans from our network of online direct lenders don’t carry nearly as many restrictions as traditional loans. The qualification criteria for a cash advance are so simple that almost anyone can become eligible easily. Usually, more than 90 percent of Americans are approved fast and with no hassles.

To get approval for your payday loan online, you must:

  • Be 18 or older;
  • Be a US citizen or a permanent resident;
  • Have an active bank account;
  • Provide proof of receiving a regular source of income.

1 Hour Payday Loans Rates and Fees

Payday loans online involve what’s called a “finance charge,” which is similar to an interest rate. The charge varies from lender to lender but typically ranges from about $15 – $25 per each $100 borrowed.

Depending on your lender, there could be late fees, and it may also be possible to get an extension and roll your debt over to a later date provided that you pay the fees that are due.

Why Choose OnlineLoansYouNeed?

When it comes to 1-hour loans, we offer a more personalized way to handle financial emergency and meet your fast cash needs.

OnlineLoansYouNeed is an online service that connects borrowers to a vast network of online lenders so that you’ll have the means to pay off short-term emergency expenses. With our matching services, you’re able to find loans in an hour at competitive rates without having to check direct lender websites one by one. As such, our customers may expect the fastest turnaround possible!

OnlineLoansYouNeed can help you find a great deal while offering you convenience, a shorter timeline, and professional customer service!

1 Hour Loans

Find the right payday loan fast!

You must read and agree to TermsPrivacy PolicyRates and Fees before submitting a loan request.

Customer Notice

All payday loans are subject to state regulations, approval by the lender, and eligibility. The APR for a cash advance loan is contingent on a variety of factors including location, lender, the amount borrowed, fees, and terms. A single short-term cash advance term ranges from two to four weeks, and must not be used as a long-term financial solution. Accounts which are not paid in full or on time may be sent to collections. This may have a negative effect on credit score and overall financial status. Loan rollover leads to extra fees and charges. Consumers with delinquent accounts or insufficient funds may incur other fines and penalties as well. Customers with credit difficulties should seek consumer credit counseling.

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