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Fast Cash Loans Online

A fast cash loan is a short-term, unsecured loan that is usually repaid on the next payday. The loan amount ranges from $50 to $1,000, depending on the state’s limitations.

When you need quick cash to cover your short-term financial needs, a cash advance loan just might be what you are looking for. Unlike old-fashioned bank style loans, these loans don’t take days to receive the borrower’s loan request approved and require no collateral.

When Should You Consider a Quick Cash Loan?

Fast loans can ease the burden of difficult financial situations created under unexpected circumstances. Poor credit can make bank loans and personal loans hard to acquire, not to mention they can take weeks. Fast cash loans make it simple to get approved in instantly and receive the money on the next business day.

Payday loans should be used for emergencies only. You can rely on cash advances to cover your medical bills or some urgent home repairs. Avoid using them your utility bills and some expenses that can be delayed. OnlineLoansYouNeed encourages you to borrow responsibly. Never borrow more than you can afford.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Fast Loan?

To qualify for a payday loan, there are very few requirements.

  • Are you 18 years of age or older?
  • Are you currently a United States citizen or permanent resident?
  • Do you have a valid ID?
  • Can you provide a valid phone number and email address?
  • Do you have an open and active checking account?
  • Can you provide proof of stable income?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you meet the basic eligibility requirements for a cash advance and may get quick approval.

How Do Interest Rates and Fees Work for A Quick Payday Loan?

The average interest rate for a fast cash loan can vary from 200% and up depending on the lender. Usually, this is about $15 – $25 for each $100 borrowed.

They may seem scary at first. Think about the fees and interest rate you pay with a bank loan. Those are spread out over a longer term. Payday loans are typically paid back within 30 days of borrowing the money, so the fees are often comparable to an overdraft charge by your bank.

Finance charges vary from state to state. All the payday lenders we are working with comply with federal laws and state regulations that apply to the online lending industry.

How to Get Quick Cash Online

Getting started with OnlineLoansYouNeed is easy and fast. Fill out and submit the loan application form, and we will send it to our network of direct lenders. Many applicants are approved within minutes. Check loan terms and conditions and e-sign the agreement if it suits you. In some cases, the money may be transferred to your bank account on the same day, just like in case of same day payday loans or installment loans.

Too quick to be true? This is how OnlineLoansYouNeed works to help you when an emergency happens!

Why Should You Apply via OnlineLoansYouNeed?

We are dedicated to lending responsibly. Keeping your fees and penalties low is important to us; that is why we only collaborate with cash loan lenders who share the same philosophies that we do. Fast approval in minutes, not days. Funding in days, not weeks.

OnlineLoansYouNeed is an online service that connects borrowers to a vast network of selected lenders; thus, you don’t need to apply for a loan on different websites, you only need to fill out our application form, and we’ll find the right lender for you.

More than that, unlike a traditional loan provided by banks, the easy application process is straightforward and easy. We won’t require you to put up physical items for collateral like a bank will. We understand that you are busy, that is why we keep our processes simple and we do the hard work for you.


There are quite a few reasons to apply for a loan online instead of going through a brick-and-mortar establishment. First of all, you may apply without leaving your house. Second, online applications are processed instantly, and you get a quick response on loan approval decisions. Third, funds can be rapidly disbursed via direct deposit to your bank account. You might even be able to access your money on the same day you apply. With a traditional loan, you would likely still be waiting weeks from now.

We only provide you with the best level of security. Our encryption is impenetrable, which keeps all your data safe from outside sources. We only share your details with our trusted lending network. We only require the minimum personal information in order to get you the quick cash loan you need. Your information is safe and secure.

You don’t have to have good credit to get approval for fast loans. In some circumstances, you even can improve your credit. Cash loan lenders who report to the credit monitoring agencies will report your good payment history, which can increase your scores over time.

No, we do not. No one can guarantee that you will be approved for cash advance. We do partner with licensed direct lenders who are open to working with customers with bad credit or no credit history. While we cannot guarantee approval, your chances are good, even if your credit score is less than perfect.

Fast Cash Loans

Get quick cash when you need it!

You must read and agree to TermsPrivacy PolicyRates and Fees before submitting a loan request.

Customer Notice

All payday loans are subject to state regulations, approval by the lender, and eligibility. The APR for a cash advance loan is contingent on a variety of factors including location, lender, the amount borrowed, fees, and terms. A single short-term cash advance term ranges from two to four weeks, and must not be used as a long-term financial solution. Accounts which are not paid in full or on time may be sent to collections. This may have a negative effect on credit score and overall financial status. Loan rollover leads to extra fees and charges. Consumers with delinquent accounts or insufficient funds may incur other fines and penalties as well. Customers with credit difficulties should seek consumer credit counseling.

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